What Mike Tyson’s Insane Calisthenics Routine Looks Like

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Mike Tyson’s accomplishments as a boxer are legendary and unparalleled, and now, in his later years, he has been showing the same dedication to fitness.

His calisthenic routine is intense and comprehensive; it covers all the major areas of body strength by incorporating push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and more into his exercise regimen.

What’s impressive is that this intensive program is clearly paying off; at age 53 Tyson looks as fit as ever. He serves as an example to us all that health should be given its due importance at all times in life.

So what exactly does this routine look like? Let’s take a closer look.

Mike Tyson's Insane Calisthenics Routine

What does Mike Tyson’s calisthenics routine look like?

Mike Tyson’s calisthenics routine is intense, to say the least. It includes a lot of upper body exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, and sit-ups. He also throws in some cardio moves like jumping jacks and running in place.

The whole routine takes Tyson about an hour to complete. And he does it six days per week.

Here’s a typical Tyson calisthenics workout:

450 push-ups

100 pull-ups

1500 sit-ups

500 dips

75 chin-ups

Mike Tyson was renowned for his rigorous training regiment. Contrary to popular belief, he didn’t achieve his impressive physique in one fell swoop.

Instead, his program was a compilation of 8-hour boxing sessions and running circuits completed three times a day. To enhance this routine, caloric intake had to stay consistent and the rep ranges were maintained.

Occasionally, Tyson would partake in an early morning jog for five miles before coming back and completing anywhere from 500-1,000 squats sometimes at 4 or 5am!

Granted, Tyson’s workout plan is not for everyone, but it certainly goes to show how dedication and hard work can prove fruitful.

Can Any Human Take on Mike Tyson’s Routine

Mike’s workout routine provides an excellent example of the level of physical fitness that can be achieved, but even he himself admits it is something to work towards a goal to strive for.

Working your way up to this kind of routine takes dedication and discipline, but with small steps and careful monitoring, you will be able to get there before long.

It is important to remember that everyone’s body and journey are different so take the time to customize a plan that suits both your needs and your capabilities.

Once you begin the journey, focus on progressing gradually and make sure to measure your progress regularly you will be surprised what you’d be able to achieve!

Mike Tyson’s Circuit Training

One of the most efficient ways to take your hard work at the gym to a new level is replicating a circuit-style workout routine. This means picking exercises in the rep range that works for you and performing each one consecutively.

There are multiple benefits to this approach, with improved muscular hypertrophy and conditioning being just two.

Enhanced focus on form can also be achieved as you become familiar with your chosen exercises while going through your set list. Then, when you come back next workout, aim to complete the same routine more quickly or with more reps. 

A typical circuit training workout for Mike Tyson might involve doing the following exercises in quick succession:

1. Push-ups

2. Jump squats

3. Burpees

4. Chin-ups

5. Lunges

6. Jumping jacks

20 reps of each ecercise then rest for 5 mins and repeat.

mike tyson work out

EMOM Training Method

EMOM stands for ‘every minute on the minute’, and it’s a great way to hit your desired rep ranges while you’re doing calisthenics.

This method involves setting a timer to zero, starting your first set right away, and then completing as many reps as possible before the 60-second mark.

During this method, it’s recommended to take about 20 seconds of rest before each subsequent set. It demands intensity, focus, and discipline in order to blend those all important elements of speed and quality with the ultimate goal of perfecting form into each rep.

Every minute on the minute training, known more commonly as EMOTM training, is an excellent way for athletes to not only stay active but also increase their reps in a short amount of time.

This type of training consists of setting a timer and performing as many repetitions of a given exercise in a set amount of time.

For example, if you are looking to do push-ups, you can set a five-minute timer and work at your own pace to complete the required number of repetitions before the timer goes off.

Applying this method to other exercises such as dips or pull-ups can successfully be used for constructing an efficient 30-minute routine allowing you to rack up a significant amount of reps without taking too much time out of your day.

EMOTM training offers the reliability associated with timed workouts allowing athletes the opportunity to get in shape and become stronger efficiently.

Mike Tyson’s Diet

Cus D’Amato is celebrated for his innovative strategies used to train prize-fighters. He was truly ahead of his time when it came to nutrition and diets, as evidenced by the plan he implemented with Buster Mathis in the 1960’s.

Cus recognized that food was fuel for his athlete’s performances – something that many people failed to realize in that era. By orienting Mike towards a steady diet plan, he allowed him to make better use of energy provided from the foods he ingested.

With this insight and other training techniques, Cus remains one of the greats in sporting history.

Camille went out of her way to make sure that Mike had access to a nutritious and balanced diet, cooking him a variety of meals including steak and pasta.

However, it seems he could not resist the temptation for sweet food as he still snuck in a sugary midnight snack despite being on such a strict program.

The diet was designed specifically for Mike’s healthy lifestyle goals, packed full of protein, carbohydrates, fresh fruit juice, Tiger’s Milk, protein shakes and vitamins.

To ensure this plan was successful for his body and general wellbeing, consistent monitoring of all the different food categories was required.

Mike had a deep, unshakeable love of ice cream and could often be seen snacking on a bowl of his favorite cereal, Captain Crunch.

However, despite his reliance on delicious treats for fuel, Mike worked diligently to stay in top physical and mental shape every day brought with it a new regime of intense training exercises.

But being human, Mike was not immune to caving into temptation, often cheating with quick-fix shortcuts to get ahead. Even so, he persevered in seeking success through dedication and perseverance.

Why Did Mike Tyson Train This Way?

Mike Tyson proves calisthenics can be incredibly effective for building both strength and endurance.

In a complete workout, it is beneficial to also build cardiovascular endurance, making calisthenics an excellent choice because it achieves this while targeting multiple areas of the body at once.

For those looking to maximize their results while not wasting any time or energy in the gym, calisthenics provides an effective solution with its opportunity cost, making it beneficial for boxers who are required to exercise regularly.

Calisthenics exercises are an important part of any fitness routine and they can bring some great benefits, especially to a boxer like Mike. By involving multiple joints, calisthenics exercises can help Mike develop the functional strength to be successful in the ring.

Weightlifting has largely been dismissed by Mike as being irrelevant to boxing, but he does recognize the importance of developing good physiques, speed and endurance all of which can be improved with calisthenics exercises.

So for a boxer like Mike, calisthenics should remain an important part of any fitness routine helping him stay fit and achieve success in the ring.

Mike Tyson’s Way Of Training Takeaway’s

This workout is highly beneficial for individuals looking to achieve multiple goals with one quick and effective session. Not only does it focus on building muscle, but it also provides cardio benefits, making it the perfect workout for those striving to lose unwanted weight.

One of the greatest advantages of this workout is that it works the whole body beginning with a cardio exercise and transitioning seamlessly into heavy-lifting.

As such, you can exercise different areas of your body one after another without having to switch workout plans in between.

If you’re looking for a way to consistently stay fit and healthy without having to invest in expensive gym equipment or special classes, then this workout is the perfect choice for you.

Not only does it require minimal equipment, making it an ideal option for home workouts, but with its everyday routine structure it provides the momentum you need to develop your own healthier habits.

Whether you’re an experienced athlete or just taking the first steps into physical exercise, this workout can easily be adapted to everyone’s capabilities.


Mike was a true inspiration, as he showed that you don’t need any heavy equipment or weights to become physically fit and healthy.

He was living proof that sometimes exercise can be nothing more than a body in motion. It doesn’t take much to start making progress towards health, which is why we recommend giving this new workout routine a try it’s easy to begin and should help you see results quickly.

Aim for at least 50 repetitions on the exercises each day, and then slowly work your way up by adding an extra 5-10 reps weekly.

Whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey or have been a veteran for years, this is an excellent way to strengthen your muscles and improve flexibility. Give it two weeks and feel the positive difference!

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