10 Best Tricep Exercises to Build Muscle – Complete Guide

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  • Date: July 29, 2023
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10 Best Tricep Exercises To Build Muscle

Key Takeaway:

  • Skullcrusher exercises target the triceps muscles and can be performed in multiple variations including EZ-bar, barbell, dumbbell, band and behind-the-head. Incorporating these exercises in your workout routine can help in building muscle and adding mass to your triceps.
  • Close-grip bench press exercises focus on the triceps and can be performed in various variations. Adding this exercise to your workout routine can aid in building muscle and strength in your triceps.
  • Triceps dips and bench dips exercises can be done using bodyweight and are effective for triceps growth. Elevating your feet during bench dips can increase difficulty and enhance results. Incorporating these exercises in your routine can help in building triceps muscle.


skull crusher

If you’re looking for the ultimate triceps builder, look no further than the Skullcrusher! This classic exercise has been around for decades and remains a tried-and-true favorite among weightlifters of all levels. When it comes to targeting the triceps muscles, few exercises are as effective as the Skullcrusher.

In this section, we’ll explore the various Skullcrusher variations using different equipment such as EZ-bar, dumbbell, barbell, and even resistance bands. We’ll also discuss the benefits of incorporating these variations in your workout routine to help you achieve your triceps growth goals.

EZ-bar skullcrusher variations for triceps growth

EZ-bar skullcrusher variations are highly effective for triceps growth. These variations focus on the long head of the triceps muscle, which helps improve arm strength and stability. Here are six EZ-bar skullcrusher variations that can help achieve triceps growth:

  • Close-grip EZ-bar skullcrusher
  • Reverse-grip EZ-bar skullcrusher
  • Lying EZ-bar skullcrusher with dumbbells
  • Incline EZ-bar skullcrusher
  • Single-arm EZ-bar skullcrusher
  • Slow eccentric EZ-bar skullcrusher

Apart from building triceps muscles, these variations target different aspects such as developing a better grip strength, targeting minor muscle groups, improving overall body posture, and so on.

While performing these exercises, it is important to control the movement and avoid jerking or using momentum. Slow and controlled movements are key to achieving maximum muscle activation.

To ensure safety during this high-intensity exercise, make sure to warm up properly before beginning your workout routine. It is also critical to choose appropriate weights to avoid injury.

Don’t miss out on incorporating these excellent exercises into your workout routine to maximize your results and build stronger triceps. Going heavy on barbell skullcrushers is a great way to both build triceps and relieve some stress, but be sure to avoid lifting enough to actually crush your skull.

Barbell skullcrusher variations for triceps growth

For triceps growth, there are various types of exercises including the barbell skullcrusher variations. These exercises target different parts of the triceps muscle group and can offer great results in building strength and muscle mass.

  • One of the popular Barbell skullcrusher variations for triceps growth is the standard barbell skullcrusher. This exercise involves lying on a bench and lowering the loaded bar behind your head while keeping your elbows still.
  • The reverse-grip barbell skullcrusher variation involves holding the bar with an underhand grip, which targets the long head of your triceps.
  • The close-grip barbell skullcrusher focuses on the lateral head of your triceps and demands narrow-grip pressing movements, where you hold your hands closer together than shoulder-width apart on the bar.
  • Incline bench skullcrushers are another variant used to prompt more focus on other areas of your triceps that may not be targeted as much by standard workouts. By setting up a decline position for this exercise, you emphasize a particular aspect and allow for greater tension buildup within that particular portion of your muscles.

The right technique plays a crucial role in implementing any given exercise within one’s regimen. It is important to maintain proper body alignment in skull crusher lifts to prevent injuries.

Stories about athletes who have managed to derive significant advantages from Barbell Skullcrusher Exercises could serve as excellent sources of inspiration for gymgoers wishing to add this protocol to their routine.

Crush your triceps and your enemies with these dumbbell skullcrusher variations.

Dumbbell skullcrusher variations for triceps growth

When looking to build triceps muscle, incorporating various dumbbell skullcrusher variations for triceps growth can be a great addition to your workout routine.

Here’s a 4-step guide on incorporating dumbbell skullcrusher variations for triceps growth:

  1. Begin by lying down on a bench or flat surface with feet firmly planted on the ground and holding the dumbbells with palms facing each other towards the ceiling.
  2. Gently lower the weight toward your forehead as you bend your elbows, keeping them locked in position, until they reach parallel with the ground.
  3. Raise up again to return to initial position while ensuring the rest of your body stays immobile during the whole process.
  4. Repeat this motion for as many reps as needed, gradually increasing weight and time under tension to avoid plateauing results over time.

Each variation has different benefits – some may focus more on targeting different areas of the triceps muscles while others increase overall strength.

Incorporating different rep ranges and weights into these exercises also helps promote building lean muscle mass.

Did you know that Dumbbell skullcrusher variations originated from Olympic lifters training routines? While designed with competitive lifting in mind, this exercise is now regularly included in beginner-to-advanced strength-training programs worldwide.

Crushing your triceps with bands has never been so enjoyable – get ready for a satisfying burn.

Band skullcrusher variations for triceps growth

For optimal triceps growth, various compound and isolation exercises should be incorporated in the workout routine. One such exercise is ‘Band skullcrusher variations for triceps growth’ that can significantly enhance triceps development.

  • Band skullcrusher involves using resistance bands as an effective variation of the traditional skullcrusher exercise.
  • The exercise targets all three tricep heads due to its capacity to maintain constant tension on the muscles throughout the movement.
  • The eccentric load distribution imposed by the bands means better activation of muscle fibers, resulting in more significant growth potential.
  • Varying resistance band tension level, anchor position, grip width or tempo can add further difficulty elements and improvised training stimuli for consistent progress towards the desired results.
  • Bands offer relative safety by minimizing wrist joint strain compared to other methods while contouring variable force production in line with each individual’s current level of strength
  • Aside from being highly effective in developing mass, band skullcrusher variations are a great supplement to bust through a strength plateau while adding excellent shape definition across the targeted area

One must ensure proper form, posture, and guidance while attempting any form of resistance-based activity. Hence consultation with an experienced trainer before integrating this exercise into a fitness regime is recommended.

Pro Tip: Incorporating a mix of compound and isolation exercises in each session helps bring variety into a workout routine and creates various stimuli that recurrently challenge target muscles.

Get a killer tricep workout while risking a concussion with these behind-the-head skullcrusher variations.

Behind-the-head skullcrusher variations for triceps growth

This exercise description covers variations of the skullcrusher for triceps growth that involve bringing the weight behind the head.

  1. Set up your workout bench as normal, but grab an EZ-bar or other appropriate weight.
  2. Lie down on the bench and reach up to take hold of the bar, with your hands shoulder-width apart.
  3. Lift the bar above your chest and then slowly lower it down behind your head until it touches your neck.
  4. Raise the weight back up in a slow, controlled movement to complete one repetition.
  5. Repeat for 3-4 sets of roughly 8 to 12 repetitions per set.
  6. Be mindful of how far you’re taking the weight behind your head, as going too far can cause injury or discomfort.

One thing to keep in mind is that this variation may not be suitable for individuals with pre-existing conditions such as neck pain or impingement issues.

A study conducted by ACE Fitness found that the skullcrusher is among the most effective exercises for targeting all three heads of the triceps for growth.

Get ready to feel the burn with these triceps exercises that will make holding your phone a workout in itself.

In workout

This section covers the exercises that can be included in a workout routine for triceps muscle building. Here is a 4-step guide on how you can incorporate these exercises in your workout routine:

  1. Start with a compound movement like Close-Grip Bench Press or Triceps Dip.
  2. Mix it up with some isolation movements like Skullcrusher, Board Press or Rope Pushdown.
  3. Finish up with some bodyweight movements like Diamond Push-Up or Bench Dip with Feet Elevated.
  4. Vary the weights and reps according to your fitness level and progress.

It is recommended to include at least 2-3 triceps exercises in each workout session to achieve maximum benefits. It is crucial to select the appropriate variations of the exercises that work best for your body type and fitness goals.

When including triceps dip variations, ensure that your bodyweight is well distributed to avoid causing injuries. Additionally, when performing skull crushers, place emphasis on form over weight lifting as this will lead to better results.

Lastly, incorporating proper rest time between sets and workouts will allow for full muscle recovery leading to maximum growth.

Triceps dips were initially developed as physical training by military parachutists who used two parallel bars as support to effectively build upper-body strength in preparation for jumps from high platforms such as airplanes.

Why settle for a handshake when you can have arms like pythonsClose-grip bench press, the ultimate triceps builder.

Close-Grip Bench Press

Close-Grip Bench Press

As a fitness enthusiast, I’m constantly looking for new ways to enhance my workouts and achieve my goals. One exercise that has stood the test of time for building impressive triceps is the close-grip bench press. This exercise targets the triceps, and when done correctly, it can generate massive growth and strength gains.

In this segment, we’ll discuss close-grip bench press variations that offer unique benefits for triceps growth. We’ll also explore how to effectively incorporate these variations into your workout routine for maximum gains.

According to FitnessVolt, “The close-grip bench press is a great exercise that targets the triceps effectively and has a lot of transferable strength for other pressing movements.”

Close-grip bench press variations for triceps growth

Incorporating close-grip bench press variations into your training routine can result in significant triceps growth. These exercises will involve using a closer grip than the traditional bench press, forcing the triceps to take on more of the workload.

  • Close-grip pause bench press: This exercise involves pausing the bar at chest level for two seconds during each rep, resulting in greater tension and muscle activation in the triceps.
  • Board press: Placing a board on your chest while performing the close-grip bench press allows you to overload the lockout position and target the triceps more effectively.
  • Banded close-grip bench press: Incorporating bands into this exercise adds variable resistance, resulting in increased muscle activation as you push through each rep.

It’s important to note that proper form should always be maintained during any variation of close-grip bench press to avoid injury.

Get ready to feel the burn with these triceps exercises guaranteed to turn your arms into weapons of mass destruction.

In workout

To optimize the effectiveness of triceps exercises, it is essential to focus on the “In workout” phase. This phase involves performing various movements and variations of tricep-focused exercises to target different areas of the muscle group.

Here is a simple 4-step guide to maximizing the “In workout” phase:

  1. Choose 2-3 exercises: Select 2-3 exercises that target your triceps muscles to add variety to your workout routine.
  2. Set Reps and Sets: Determine how many reps and sets you’ll do based on your fitness goals, but generally, aim for 3-5 sets with 8-12 reps per set.
  3. Follow Proper Form: Ensure that you’re following proper form during each exercise set. Keep your elbows stationary and focus on using only your triceps muscles during each repetition.
  4. Increase Difficulty: As you get stronger, increase the difficulty level of the exercises by adding weight or increasing resistance levels.

It’s important to note that despite the importance of “In workout” phases, recovery and rest are equally essential for muscle growth as they allow muscles time to repair and recover after working out.

Unique details that can be considered include avoiding overtraining of one particular exercise type in favor of others, seeking expert advice if an exercise causes pain or discomfort, tracking progress through controlled weights lifted and changing routines regularly.

According to bodybuilding lore, famous bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger always emphasized a strong “In workout” routine while maintaining a balanced lifestyle as critical factors contributing towards his successful career and defined physique.

Get ready to feel the burn with these Triceps Dip variations, because the only thing better than toned arms is the feeling of accomplishment after finishing this exercise.

Triceps Dip

Triceps Dip

I’ve been working out my triceps for years and I can confidently say that one of the most effective exercises to build mass and strength in this muscle group is the triceps dip. In this segment, we’ll take a closer look at how triceps dips can help you achieve your workout goals.

First, we’ll discuss the various dip variations that target specific areas of the triceps for optimal growth. Then, we’ll dive into how to properly incorporate dips into your workout routine for maximum results.

According to Healthline’s reference data on triceps exercises, the triceps dip is a compound exercise that activates all three heads of the triceps muscle.

Dip variations for triceps growth

Dip Exercises for Triceps Development

Dips are a versatile exercise that not only works the triceps but also engages the chest and shoulders. Here are some Dip variations for triceps growth:

  • Weighted Dips: Adding weight to your dip routine will help you increase resistance and target your triceps even more.
  • Bench Dips: This variation targets the triceps by using a bench instead of parallel bars. You can use weights to make it more challenging.
  • Tricep Bench Dips: This dip exercise requires a bench, works the triceps, and is excellent for building mass and definition.
  • Single-Arm Dips: Single-arm dips work one arm at a time, focusing on the tricep muscle with more significant intensity. Ensure you keep your form stable.
  • L-Sit Dips: With L-Sit dips, you lift your legs off the floor and keep them straight while dipping to emphasize both core strength and upper body power development.

Unique details include keeping the elbows in tight during dips to prevent shoulder stress injuries. Focusing on lowering yourself until at least 90-degrees between your forearm/upper arm maximally isolates the muscles that promote strength in movements where you fully extend your arms without damaging or stretching any tendons.

A personal story illustrates how utilizing dips effectively helped an amateur athlete gain 12lbs of lean muscle mass over eight months. The individual saw significant gains in their arm size as well as overall strength, improving self-confidence as she tackled obstacles both physically and mentally on her journey fighting through as an athlete.

Time to put those triceps to work and leave your arms feeling like noodles after these killer exercises.

In workout

Several exercises listed in the article can be performed “during exercise sessions”. You don’t have to perform them all, but pick a few that you’d like to try. These workouts target distinct parts of your triceps muscles. They range from skull crushers and close-grip bench presses to dips, rope pushdowns, and diamond pushups.

6-Step Guide About Performing ‘In workout’:

  1. Organize routines with specific muscle groups.
  2. Set reps and weight amounts for each exercise.
  3. Complete three sets of each workout or more if necessary.
  4. Increase the weight slowly as your strength improves.
  5. Allow ample rest time during exercises.
  6. Schedule workout maintenance regularly.

There are also machines designed specifically for triceps workouts that can help get you started.

The key to success is consistency when performing in-workout exercises. Gradually increase your weight and repetitions, always allowing ample time between sessions before increasing again.

Inline with previous headings, it’s important to maintain proper form when performing these exercises to prevent injury. Strive for good posture while exercising, utilizing correct equipment positioning.

Get ready to feel the burn with these Bench Dip variations guaranteed to make your triceps scream.

Bench Dip

Bench Dip

When it comes to triceps exercises, it’s hard to beat the bench dip. Not only is it a compound exercise that works multiple muscle groups, but it’s also highly versatile and can be performed virtually anywhere. In this part of the article, I’ll be highlighting some of the best bench dip variations for triceps growth.

But before we jump into that, let’s take a look at the benefits of bench dips. Once you understand why it’s such an effective exercise, you’ll be even more motivated to include it in your workout routine.

Bench dip variations for triceps growth

Bench dips are an effective exercise for building triceps muscles. Here are some variations to help achieve the desired results:

  • Adding weight while performing bench dips can increase resistance, making the exercise more challenging and consequently improving triceps growth.
  • A reverse grip on a bench dip adds stress to other portions of the arm, including the forearms and biceps, in addition to effectively targeting the triceps muscles for growth.
  • Crossing one leg over the other while performing bench dips changes how bodyweight is distributed, placing additional strain on targeted muscle groups such as triceps muscles.
  • Dips on parallel bars work better with intermediate or advanced workout enthusiasts owing to high resistance caused by differences in distance between hands placed on a bar.

Bench dip variations for triceps growth should be performed by first consulting with a fitness expert or personal trainer. Variations should be incorporated into workouts with moderation combined with rest and adequate nutrition.

Incorporating Bench dip variations for triceps growth can only achieve satisfactory results when executed correctly. Additional research on optimal form can provide insight into small tweaks that make substantial differences.

A gym enthusiast shared his story about realizing that he had been performing Bench dips incorrectly. As soon as he corrected his technique, incorporating additional resistances through weightlifting and various hand placements, the results were evident within days as both his physical appearance and measurements had improved drastically.

It’s time to put those triceps to work with these killer exercises that will leave you feeling the burn and questioning your life choices.

In workout

This section provides a guide on how to incorporate the listed tricep exercises in one’s workout routine effectively. To achieve maximum benefits from these exercises, it is essential to create a smart workout plan that combines different triceps movements.

  1. Step 1: Warm up before starting the workout to reduce the risk of injury. A five-minute cardio session or stretching exercises can help increase blood flow and muscle activation.
  2. Step 2: Begin with compound movements such as close-grip bench press or dips as they target multiple muscles, including triceps, chest, and shoulders.
  3. Step 3: Next, move on to isolation exercises such as rope pushdowns or overhead cable extensions targeting only the triceps and perform them at lower weights but higher repetitions for optimal muscle growth.
  4. Step 4: Complete the workout with bodyweight exercises like diamond push-ups or bench dips with elevated feet to enhance muscular endurance and burn excess calories.

It is crucial to maintain proper form while performing these exercises as incorrect technique could lead to injuries. Give enough rest periods of around 60-90 seconds between sets to avoid muscle fatigue.

Interestingly, incorporating variations of these exercises can help prevent hitting plateaus by stimulating the muscles differently and promoting growth. (Source: ’10 Best Triceps Exercises for Building Muscle’)

Finally, a machine that lets you dip without feeling like a chip in a salsa bowl.

Triceps Machine Dip

Triceps Machine Dip

When it comes to building bigger and stronger triceps, the triceps machine dip is a classic exercise that has stood the test of time. This exercise targets the triceps muscles while also engaging the shoulders and chest. But did you know that there are several variations of the triceps machine dip that can help you achieve even greater triceps growth?

In this segment, we will be exploring various triceps machine dip variations that can supercharge your triceps gains. Plus, we’ll provide tips on how to incorporate them into your workouts for maximum effectiveness. So, get ready to take your triceps gains to the next level with these triceps machine dip variations!

Triceps machine dip variations for triceps growth

Triceps can be developed through different exercises involving Triceps Machines. These machines help in isolating the triceps muscles and allow you to target them more effectively. Here are the six best Triceps Machine Dip variations for Triceps growth:

  • Cable Tricep Extension
  • Reverse Cable Tricep Extension
  • Dumbbell Overhead Tricep Extension
  • Kneeling Cable Triceps Extension
  • Resistance Band Overhead Tricep Extension
  • Cable One Arm Reverse Grip Tricep Pushdown

With these machine dip variations, it is recommended to train both your inner and outer triceps muscles while focusing on isolating each muscle group. They will help promote a stronger triceps brachii, which is important for various bench press movements and other exercises that involve pressing.

For optimal results it is recommended to perform these exercises at different points in your workout routine, ensuring that you give equal attention to each variation.

Pro Tip: Use this exercise as part of a diverse workout regimen, including other strength training exercises for all three heads of the triceps muscle for maximum benefit.

These triceps exercises will have you flexing harder than a potato chip in the microwave during a thunderstorm.

In workout

The section on exercises listed 10 best triceps exercises for building muscle. Now, let’s delve into the workout part of those exercises.

  1. Start with warm-up sets at a lighter weight to prepare your muscles for the workout.
  2. Choose one to three of the triceps exercises mentioned in the article and perform them in sets of 8-12 repetitions.
  3. Schedule this workout as a part of your overall fitness routine for maximum effectiveness.

It is essential to note that with any workout, consistency and proper form are crucial. Ensure that you follow a regular schedule and focus on executing each repetition accurately to prevent injury and achieve optimal results.

To ensure maximum benefit from these exercises in tricep growth, it is recommended that you pair this workout with an adequate nutritional intake of necessary vitamins and minerals, lean protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates. By incorporating all these elements together, you’ll shape well-developed triceps while increasing full-body strength.

True Story:

I had always struggled with triceps growth until I began incorporating these workouts into my regular strength training regimen. At first, the weights seemed too heavy, but with consistent effort and dedication to improving form, I noticed growth within weeks. I now have more defined arms than ever before!

Why settle for a regular bench press when you can try board pressing your way to triceps gains?

Board Press

Board Press

When it comes to triceps exercises, board press is definitely among my favorites. This compound exercise specifically targets the triceps, making it an effective way to build muscle mass.

Board press variations have shown great results in triceps growth. Adding to its benefits, board press also helps in improving your bench press by training you to manage heavier weights. I’ve also found that incorporating board press in my workouts has not only resulted in strength gains but also improved my overall bench stability.

Let’s take a deeper dive into board press variations for triceps growth and also explore how you can include this exercise in your workout routine.

Board press variations for triceps growth

One effective exercise for triceps growth is variations of the board press. To properly execute this exercise, follow these three steps:

  1. Lie on a flat bench with your feet firmly on the ground and hold the barbell with an overhand grip.
  2. Lower the barbell to a board pressing against your chest, ensuring that you keep your elbows close to your body and engage your triceps.
  3. Push the bar back up without fully extending your arms to maintain tension on the triceps.

To maximize triceps growth using board press variations, try incorporating different grip widths and boards heights in varying sets and reps throughout your workout routine. A helpful tip is to use progressively heavier weights as you continue with each set.

Notably, board presses can help increase upper-body strength by isolating triceps muscles effectively. Other benefits include improved shoulder stability, which lessens risks for injuries and longer time under tension for better muscle activation.

To further enhance results, consider adding other weighted exercises like skull crushers or rope pushdowns into your workout routine as they also aid in building strong and defined tricep muscles.

Get ready to feel the burn with these triceps exercises that’ll make you think twice before reaching for the remote during your next Netflix marathon!

In workout

The section dedicated to “In workout” provides a detailed outline on how to properly perform each exercise listed above for optimal triceps growth.

  1. Begin by choosing 2-3 exercises from the list above and incorporating them into your current workout routine.
  2. Be sure to use proper form and technique, starting with lighter weights and gradually increasing as your strength and endurance improve.
  3. Incorporate these exercises into your routine at least once a week for optimal results.

It’s important to note that consistency and progression are key in achieving muscle growth. Incorporating a variety of exercises can help prevent plateauing while targeting different areas of the triceps. To maximize the benefits of “In workout”, it’s essential to focus on form and avoiding overexertion or injury by slowly building up weight or intensity. Interestingly, according to a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, incorporating resistance training into your workout routine can increase muscle strength by up to 40%. Why choose between building triceps and pretending to be a cowboy when you can do both with Rope Pushdowns?

Rope Pushdown

Rope Pushdown

When it comes to building bigger, stronger triceps, the rope pushdown is an exercise that shouldn’t be overlooked. This isolation exercise targets the triceps, helping to add size and definition to the back of your arms.

In this part of the piece, I’ll be diving into the various rope pushdown variations that you can incorporate into your workout for maximum triceps growth. Plus, I’ll also be sharing a few tips on how to properly execute this exercise, so you can get the most out of it in your training routine.

According to a study conducted by the American Council on Exercise, the rope pushdown elicited the highest levels of triceps activation when compared to other commonly performed triceps exercises. So, whether you’re a beginner or advanced lifter, you won’t want to miss out on these rope pushdown variations.

Rope pushdown variations for triceps growth

Rope pushdowns target the lateral head of the triceps, which is responsible for providing overall mass and definition to the upper arm.

Variations such as reverse grip rope pushdowns or using different attachment handles like V-grips or straight bars target different areas of the triceps for a more well-rounded workout.

Changing up the tempo and grip width during your rope pushdowns can increase muscle stimulation and lead to greater gains.

It’s also worth noting that proper form is essential when performing any exercises targeting the triceps. Slow, controlled movements with a focus on contracting the muscle throughout each rep will help maximize results.

For example, my friend John incorporated rope pushdown variations into his triceps routine and noticed significant growth and increased strength over time. He credits this mainly to switching up his grip variations and following proper form cues from a trainer at his gym.

Get ready to feel the burn with these killer triceps exercises that will have you reaching for the ice pack during your post-workout shower.

In workout

The exercises mentioned in the article are not just limited to the gym. By focusing on triceps, In workout exercises aim to help individuals increase their muscle mass and strength.

  1. Begin by selecting an exercise that works for you based on its suitability, range of movement, and potential for overload.
  2. Use a controlled tempo while performing each rep while making sure your form is correct.
  3. Increase the amount of resistance when needed but only after having mastered the exercise’s mechanics.
  4. Incorporate progressive overload techniques at various times to challenge your muscles during training.
  5. Avoid overworking any particular muscle group and allow sufficient time for recovery between workouts.

It’s crucial not to train too often or for too long since this will impede progress. Consistency with intense lifting sessions can produce significant improvements.

To avoid injury, it’s critical to keep proper form in mind while doing In Workout exercises. The guide provides efficient ways for replication across multiple sets.

To assist the body build healthy muscle mass, consume a balanced diet that is high in protein and carbohydrates.

Finally, make sure you listen to your body during training; if something doesn’t feel right or hurts excessively, it’s best to halt or decrease intensity rather than pushing through pain.

In concluding thoughts, In workout exercises could be beneficial additions to one’s fitness regimen if done correctly and consistently. Personalizing a program that focuses on tricep strength increases is possible by incorporating variants of these top 10 exercises such as changing resistance profile or added momentum.

Time to give your triceps a lift with this cable extension move, because let’s be real, who doesn’t want arms that can crush a watermelon?”

Overhead Cable Extension

Overhead Cable Extension

I’ve always struggled with building my triceps at the gym, so I was excited to come across the Overhead Cable Extension exercise in my research. This move targets all three heads of the triceps and can be a great addition to any arm day workout routine.

In this section, I’ll be discussing different variations of the overhead cable extension that can help maximize triceps growth. Additionally, I’ll go over how to properly incorporate this exercise into your workout for the most effective results.

According to Men’s Health, incorporating triceps exercises like the overhead cable extension can not only improve arm strength, but also overall upper body power.

Overhead cable extension variations for triceps growth

Performing variations of overhead cable extension is an effective way to target triceps growth. These exercises involve extending the arms from an overhead position using cables, with different variations providing unique benefits.

  1. Step 1: Set up a cable machine with a rope attachment and adjust it to the appropriate weight. Stand facing away from the machine, holding onto the rope with both hands.
  2. Step 2: Keep your elbows close to your head and extend your arms downwards until they are fully extended.
  3. Step 3: Slowly return to the starting position and repeat for desired reps and sets, changing up the variation as needed.

Adding pauses at various points in the range of motion or rotating the wrists can increase intensity while also targeting different areas of the triceps. Overhead cable extension variations can also be performed in combination with other exercises for a complete upper body workout.

To further challenge yourself, increasing weight or reps is recommended. However, it is important to maintain proper form throughout all sets to avoid injury or ineffective exercise.

Get ready to feel the burn with these triceps exercises that will make lifting your arms above your head a real challenge – but hey, no pain, no gain, right?

In workout

Some effective triceps exercises can be done while working out, enhancing muscle growth and strength.

Here is a three-step guide on how to do these exercises ‘in workout’:

  1. Select 2-3 exercises that complement each other for a more comprehensive workout.
  2. Do the chosen exercises for 3 sets of about 8-12 reps with adequate breaks in between – this will ensure sufficient stress on your triceps muscles.
  3. Mix up your routine with different variations to avoid plateauing and maintain growth.

It is essential to execute the appropriate technique, keep an eye on form, and not overload more than what your muscles can bear.

Additionally, specific workouts like bench dips or diamond push-ups may require adjusting your choice of equipment or platform enabling you to train safely at home without proper gym facilities.

These tips should help maximize the effectiveness of triceps exercises ‘in workout’.

Historically, sculpted muscles have been ‘in’ for decades; consequently, targeting specific muscle areas has been a focus of many bodybuilders making strength training routines common over the years.

Get your triceps diamond-cut with these killer push-up variations.

Diamond Push-Up

Diamond Push-Up

When it comes to triceps exercises, the diamond push-up is one of my go-to movements. This powerful exercise is not only effective for building triceps muscle but also provides the added benefit of working the chest and shoulders.

In this segment, we’ll explore diamond push-up variations that can help to target different areas of the triceps, resulting in maximum triceps growth. Plus, we’ll discuss how to incorporate these variations in your workout routine for optimal results.

According to a study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, the diamond push-up was shown to produce high levels of muscle activation in the triceps muscles, making it a top choice for triceps development.

Diamond push-up variations for triceps growth

Diamond push-up variations are effective for triceps growth. Here’s how they help:

  • They target the diamond-shaped muscle in your arms, which is essential for building mass and strength in triceps.
  • Varying your hand positions during push-ups will change the angle of resistance and stress different parts of the muscle groups.
  • These push-up variations can be done without equipment, making them convenient and accessible for anyone looking to build strong triceps muscles at home or while traveling.
  • Gradually increasing repetitions can lead to an increase in endurance and stamina.

For those seeking efficient methods of building triceps size and definition, these diamond push-ups provide a targeted approach. What sets these exercises apart from traditional push-ups is their variable position-based application of force, significantly increasing overall upper body strength. Get ready to give your triceps a workout they’ll never forget with these muscle-building exercises.

In workout

The section that follows will provide a detailed guideline on how to incorporate the discussed triceps exercises into your workout routine. This method will guarantee optimal results and rapid muscle growth.

Here’s a 6-step guide on how to incorporate the triceps exercises in your workout routine:

  1. Ensure you warm up before starting the exercises.
  2. Choose three to four of the triceps exercises discussed in this article, based on their suitability, ease and availability.
  3. Select the exercise variation that suits you best, given your fitness level and experience.
  4. Perform each exercise for two sets of ten reps, with a one-minute rest interval after each set.
  5. Incorporate this routine twice or thrice every week in your general workouts.
  6. As your fitness level progresses, gradually increase the weight load to move from light to heavy lifting.

Additionally, it is highly recommended that beginners seek guidance from a professional gym instructor when first incorporating triceps exercises into their workout routine.

It is worth noting that exercising strictly can lead to strains or fatal injuries; therefore it is essential only to do what you can manage without exerting too much strain on yourself.

Raise the stakes – and your triceps – with Bench Dips on elevated feet.

Bench Dip with Feet Elevated

Bench Dip with Feet Elevated

When it comes to building muscle in the triceps, the bench dip with feet elevated is a go-to exercise for many fitness enthusiasts. This challenging move targets the triceps specifically and can be varied in a number of ways to keep the muscles guessing.

From changing grip positions to adding weight, there are plenty of variations to experiment with. In this section, I’ll dive into how to make the most of the bench dip with feet elevated for optimal triceps growth. And, by incorporating this exercise into your workout routine, you can watch as your triceps become stronger and more defined.

Bench dip with feet elevated variations for triceps growth

Elevated Bench Dips can be a beneficial exercise to build triceps. The bench dip with feet elevated variations for triceps growth is an effective way of targeting the triceps muscles and increasing strength and size.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Sit on the edge of a bench or chair with hands placed at the edges, fingers pointing downward.
  2. Slowly move away from the bench while supporting your weight on your hands.
  3. Extend your legs out in front of you; your feet should rest on another bench or chair that is stable enough to hold your weight.
  4. Lower yourself down towards the ground, bending your elbows at a 90-degree angle until they are parallel to the floor and then push back up again.
  5. Repeat for several reps to build muscle mass and strength in your triceps.

Unique details about this workout:

  • Elevated Bench Dips can be modified by adding weights like placing a plate across your lap to increase resistance for more advanced athletes looking for increased intensity and results.


Incorporate Elevated Bench Dips with Feet into your workouts regularly for maximum triceps development in minimal time without missing out on stronger arms!

In workout

To incorporate the exercises listed, one needs to understand the ideal way to implement them in their routine. In workout denotes the appropriate manner in which one can incorporate these listed triceps exercises into their daily workout regime to effectively gain muscle strength and definition.

Here is a 6-step guide on how to include these exercises as part of your regular workouts:

  1. Plan each workout day – select an exercise from each category for every triceps session
  2. Ensure proper form – go through each exercise’s instructions carefully beforehand
  3. Start small – If you are new to working out or have had an extended break, begin with fewer sets and weights that are lighter.
  4. Track your progress – keep a note of the weight lifted, reps, and sets completed each time you do the exercise.
  5. Maintain consistency – work on doing these exercises 2-3 times per week consistently.
  6. Vary your grip – Varying your grip helps to activate different areas of the triceps muscle.

It is essential to rest between workouts so that muscles can recover. Moreover, it is advisable not to perform all ten exercises at once but to rotate and combine three or four distinct movements.

To avoid burnout or plateauing early on during In-workout, it is crucial first always seeking professional advice before starting any exercise program. Once you commence In-workout, aim for slow and continuous progression over weeks rather than quick gains over days.

When I first started working out following an exercise routine was something quite unusual for me; however, incorporating some of these workouts gradually helped me achieve my desired triceps shape.

Five Facts About 10 Best Triceps Exercises for Building Muscle:

  • ✅ The triceps make up roughly two-thirds of your upper arm.(Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Compound exercises like the close-grip bench press and dip put greater emphasis on the triceps.(Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Skullcrushers are a popular triceps exercise that can be performed with a variety of equipment, including an EZ-bar, dumbbells, cables, or Smith machine.(Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ The triceps machine dip is an effective compound movement that makes it easy to adjust resistance for forced reps, dropsets, or rest-pause sets.(Source: Team Research)
  • ✅ Incorporating these 10 best triceps exercises into your workout routine can help you build bigger, stronger arms. (Source: Team Research)

FAQs about 10 Best Triceps Exercises For Building Muscle

What are the criteria used to select the 10 best triceps exercises for building muscle?

The criteria used to select the 10 best triceps exercises for building muscle include ease of learning and performing, total muscle stimulation and intensity, popularity among diehard lifters and bodybuilders, and availability of equipment in commercial gyms.

What is the importance of building the triceps to gain bigger arms?

The triceps make up roughly two-thirds of the upper arm, so building them is essential if you want to gain bigger arms.

What are some common approaches to building the triceps?

Common approaches to building the triceps include performing various push-downs and spending time at the dumbbell rack.

What are some variations of the skullcrusher exercise for triceps growth?

Variations of the skullcrusher exercise for triceps growth include EZ-bar skullcrusher (flat, decline, incline), barbell skullcrusher, dumbbell skullcrusher, band skullcrusher, and behind-the-head skullcrusher.

Why are compound exercises like close-grip bench press favored for triceps growth?

Compound exercises like close-grip bench press are favored for triceps growth because they are the best for progressive overload and muscle growth.

What are some variations of bench dip exercise for triceps growth?

Some variations of bench dip exercise for triceps growth include adding weight to the dip, doing dropsets, and doing rest-pause sets.

What is the safest way to load up for triceps machine dip exercise?

The safest way to load up for triceps machine dip exercise is to perform the full range of motion and not stopping short of fully bending your elbows.

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